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The Modern Yogi

Aug 22, 2019

You can put money on it-change and new seasons in life are going to happen. How do you know if you are living a life you actually want?

Are you living an authentic life or are you just going with the flow and getting on with the day to day?

Let's throw basic out the window and live a life filled with intention and...

Aug 19, 2019

Do you ever wonder if you are living authentically? Really. Living. Your. Truth? Even when your truth goes against what your friends or family like?

How can we all just embrace each others weirdness instead of judging it? It sounds easy..right? 

Aug 13, 2019

The moment you had enough. It is a visceral feeling that goes beyond the rational mind. You can feel it in your gut, something inside breaks open. did you get here? How did you get to this moment?

It all unravels in this episode of, The Siljander Podcast.